Shipping Policy

We use trusted and reliable shippers to deliver orders to our cherished customers.  These shipping services are provided by but not limited to: FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS.

Order processing time is typically 1-4 business days.

Shipping typically requires 3-20 business days.

We do use a number of different vendors to provide a wide range of products, therefore, your products may not be received as 1 shipment.

Free + Shipping (FPS) items:  Shipping & Handling is applied to each item being placed in the shopping cart.  For example: 3 FPS items will show a shipping of $10.97 x 3 = $32.91 for USA shipments and $11.97 x 3 = $35.91 if International .  If you have other regular items in your cart shipping will be added to FPS shipping total.  

Free Shipping over $100 only applies to regular items and does not effect the shipping cost of FPS items. If a cart has a combination of regular items and FPS items shipping is combined.